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International dog show Eurasia 2008

Congratulations to Mrs. Galina ILCHENKO from Lutsk (Ukraine)!!! 
Her young dog Sunrise Dragon North King became to be the JunChampion of Ukraine
Before he got the title the JunChampion of Russia.

This year International dog show Eurasia 2008 had CACIB each day. 

Mrs. Y. Magal from Israil judged first day and Mr. Cristofer Habig from Germany judged second day.
The young dog Sunrise Dragon Bandi (owner Olga Shlenskaya), a son of famous Ch. Micklee Livanda Ragants Gold, got 2 x CAC and became a Champion of Russia.
Champion bitch Sunrise Dragon Yunona (owner Ekaterina Artsybasova) looked superb, got CAC, CACIB and became the Best Bitch.
Our beautiful young dog Sunrise Dragon Yukos got both days CAC, CACIB, BOB, Ch. of RKF and Ch. of Eurasia. The judge Mr. Cristofer Habig liked him a lot and gave him also BIG 9 first day. In the description he indicated: The unusual stunning dog! Specially recognized by the expert.

International CACIB dog show Europe 2008

This year International dog show Europe 2008 was in Budapest from October 3 to 5 and had 14.940 dogs. 83 Pekingeses were registered for this show and Mr. Petru Muntean from Romania judged them.

Our new very promising star puppy bitch Sunrise Dragon Granada (owner Tatiana Danilchenko) was magnificent and became Best Puppy in the breed and 2-nd in the Best Puppy under judge Paolo Dondina from Italy. We consider her really very-very promising show bitch.

The dogs Sunrise Dragon Cesar (owner Tatiana Tyutyunnikova), Sunrise Dragon Bandi (owner Olga Shlenskaya) and the bitch Sunrise Dragon Uma Turman (owner Natalya Alexeeva) were unfortunately only second in their classes, in spite of they aspired to more.
The champion bitch Sunrise Dragon Glaymore Lady (owner Marijan Alfonso Cesar) was second in a champion class - she looked very tired. Other champion bitch Sunrise Dragon Yunona (owner Ekaterina Artsybasova) looked splendid and moved easily and free, but unfair was third in her class.

CAC, CACIB, European Winner 2008 and BOB got out beautiful dog-champion Sunrise Dragon Yukos. But the judge Milivoje Urosevic from Serbia did not even placed him in the group 9. 


We congratulate Olga Shlenskaya and her lovely Sunrise Dragon Timur winning Best in Show at the International show in Voronezj, Russia!

All-breeds show 8 September 2007.
It was the first show of our new star - Sunrise Dragon Ukos

At photo with the judge Liudmila Nikitina and handler Elena Kurbanova.

He was shown in Junior Class and became Best of Breed.
At the same show Sunrise Dragon Nirvana became Best puppy. 

Sunrise Dragon Nirvana

Sunrise Dragon Barsina - Best Junior Bitch & Sunrise Dragon Karolina - Best Bitch.

Governor's Cup Show in Moscow 15 September 2007.
There were 2 shows at one day and at both of them Sunrise Dragon Nirvana became Best Puppy, Sunrise Dragon Karolina - Best Bitch & Russian Champion, and our Junior Sunrise Dragon Ukos became Best of Breed and BIS
The main prise for BIS of these two shows were the Cup of Governor's, a TV and a car! Ukos has got all this .

At photo with Elena Kurbanova and the judge Revaz Khomasuridze

At photo with Elena Kurbanova and the judge Gueorguiy Baklushin

International show "Rossiya - 2007" 29-30 September 2007.
Sunrise Dragon Nirvana became Best Puppy and Best in Show Puppy.
CH. Rus. J Sunrise Dragon Felichita has won the Intermediate class. 
CH. Rus. Sunrise Dragon Trinity has won the Open class and became Best Bitch.
CH. Rus. J Sunrise Dragon Ukos - has become Best Junior, Best of Breed & Best in Show Junior.

With Elena Kurbanova at photo.

European Winner-2007
Sunrise Dragon Glamour Lady has won title of European Champion 2007 and Best of the Breed, breed judge was Hassi Assenmacher Feyel from Germany! So she has won in two weeks title of World and European Champion with the best of the Breed title on the both shows. 
She is 2xEuropean Champion now. Congratulations, dear Marijan!!!


World Winner-2007

Sunrise Dragon Glamour Lady has won Best of Breed all 4 days and became World Champion
We congratulate her owner Marijan-Alfonzo Sesar!


Sunrise Dragon Timur - Best Junior, Russian Junior Champion

Livanda Saha - Best of Breed, BIG, Best in Show!!!

Sunrise Dragon Trinity - Open Class Winner, Russian Champion

Sunrise Dragon Unona  - BOS, CACIB

Sunrise Dragon Felichita - Best Junior Bitch, Russian Junior Champion

"RUSSIA - 2006"
Mrs. Elena KURBANOVA and Judge Mr. Milivoje UROSEVIC with Champion of Russia Sunrise Dragon Jerome (owner is Mrs. Olga LUTOVINOVA).

Mrs. Elena KURBANOVA, Judge Mr. Milivoje UROSEVIC and RKF President Mr. Alexander INSHAKOV with 3 best dogs of Russia in 2006.

Sunrise Dragon Jerome was the first in Champion class, got CAC, CACIB, BOB, he was first in group IX and finaly got BIS at the International Dog Show "Russia 2006".
Pekingese ring was judged by Mrs. Sonia FALLETTI (Italy) and Group IX and BIS - by Mr. Milivoje UROSEVIC (Serbia and Chernogoria). At this Dog Show the dog-puppy Sunrise Dragon Tymur was the R. BIS puppy of the first day breeds.
The junior-bitch Sunrise Dragon Yunona (owner is Mrs. Ekaterina ARTSYBASOVA) and the junior-dog Ursus Unicum (owner is Mrs. D. Brick) from Sunrise Dragon dogs got CACs Junior.
Our new dog from the Great Britan Livanda Saha won open class and got CAC and R. CACIB and the bitch Beautiful Angel For Sunrise Dragon (owner is Mrs. Janna Kitaeva) won Champion class and got CAC and CACIB.

We just returned from the World Dog Show 2006 which took place from November 9 to 12 in Poznan (Poland). 20.000 dogs were registered including 93 Pekingeses. Our breed was judged by Mr. Janusz OPARA (Poland).
About 70% of the dogs presented were imported from the Great Britan or were born from the dogs imported from the Great Britan.
The judging was repetition of "Cruft's 2006" judging. There were many beautiful and high quality Pekingeses. But these beautiful and high quality Pekingeses got 2-nd place in class (Sunrise Dragon Rob Roy, Stefania ot Severnoy Mechty Sunrise Dragon Glaymore Lady) or 4-th place in class (Sunrise Dragon Yunona Eks Maguai Potapum). Other famous in all the World dogs - Champions of different countries, who won many times BOB and BIS (Suntoy Fellini, Sunrise Dragon Ciceron, Huligan Yashka ot Severnoy Mechty, Livanda Saha, Sunrise Dragon Iridium, Sunrise Dragon Jerome, Kettlemer Let's Party, Livanda Romeo, Zakhar ot Severnoy Mechty, StSanja Whats It All About Beautiful Angel For Sunrise Dragon) even were not placed.
The judge had a task to give the World Winner titles to the most mediocre dogs. In this respect the very everage dog Pekehuise Spectascular At Franshaw (this dog is remarkable only with the fact, that it has 4 breeders: from England, USA, Hong Kong and Denmark!!!!!) was the Best Dog, and not less average dogs from Mrs. Maria Peterson (Kiski kennel from Denmark) got all other titles.
It was clear, that the show was focused at these dogs with the purpose to compare later the class winners equally mediocre average dogs.
All these dog-winners had no required substance, moved badly or did not move at all, did not keep the tail in a ring, all had very modest coat and small heads with rude face expression.
The Best Of Breed again was the bitch Pekehuis Put The Lights On from Pekehuise kennel owned by Mrs. Maria Peterson.
The judging was insulting not only for Pekingese breeders and owners, but for the breed development and future in general.
We had an impression, that we are at the country dog show in 50-th of last century. We only can hope, that in future at such important dog shows the understanding of beauty will not be oriented to Mr. Janusz OPARA taste.

We congratulate Olga Shlenskaja and her lovely Sunrise Dragon Harley Davidson with the title of Junior European Winner-2006 ! He is also Russian Junior Champion, Russian Champion, 3 Best in Show.

and Marijana Alfonso Caesare for winning titles of Finnish Champion and Vice-European Winner Sunrise Dragon Glamour Lady. She is also Italian Champion, French Champion, Belgian Champion, Russian Champion, Ukraine Champion, Belarus Champion, Spanish Champion, Croatian Champion, Monte-Negro Champion, International Champion, European Winner-2005, Vice-European Winner-2004, 2006

Beautiful Angel for Sunrise Dragon (Tusja)
Multi Champion, European Winner, BOB at Eurasia, Interchampion

My congratulations to Mrs. Yvette WASSERMAN BRAGA with the new Champions of France in
Sunrise Dragon Imajica (bitch)
Sunrise Dragon United Artists (bitch)
Sunrise Dragon Night Wind (dog)
Sunrise Dragon Union (dog)
Her web site is www.pekinois-deslutins-dupai.com

NEW!!  "EURO DOG SHOW 2005" in Tulln (Austria)
June 3-6, 2005
Sunrise Dragon Ciceron - European Junior Winner and Best Junior among all the breeds
at the picture with Mrs. Elena KURBANOVA.
Sunrise Dragon Glamour Lady - European Winner, CAC, CACIB, Best Bitch
Sunrise Dragon Youngster - fourth in the open class
Micklee Livanda Ragant's Gold - the Best veteran


Best Junior - Sunrise Dragon Online

Best Bitch, CACIB - Sunrise Dragon Glamore Lady

and Beautiful Angel for Sunrise Dragon - res. CACIB 

Sunrise Dragon Youngster - Best of Breed, CACIB

Sunrise Dragon Youngster - Best in Group-2

Best Veteran, Best in Show Veteran-3
Micklee Livanda Ragant's Gold

* * *

This is Sunrise Dragon Jumbo Jet. He is 9 months old. At the European Dog Show in Barcelona on June 6, 2004 he was R. Best Puppy In Show of all the breeds. He has a real style and glamour. Jumbo Jet has wonderful modern type huge coat of a very light silver colour and black mask. He has very beautiful and sweet face, big lustrous eyes, very broad jaw, sound and very compact body. He is very low to the ground, but has excellent movements. He is a real young showman with a beautiful temperament - in a ring his tail never stop waging. His Sire is Int. CH. StSanja Steptabulous (see him and his pedigree on my site). He is many CACIB Best-in-Show of all breeds Winner and very glamorous dog. The Dame is Bony (her pedigree is in my site).

photo by www.caninacatalana.com


Sunrise Dragon Jumbo Jet - R. BIS puppy


APRIL 24-25, 2004 in KIEVTHE CUP of the KIEV MAYOR

The Judge for Pekingeses was Dr. Passiri NISALAK was President of Thailand Kennel Club. 
Sunrise Dragon Jumbo Jet (dog, puppy class) - The Reserve Best Puppy in Show
The Judge for The Best Puppy in Show was Mrs. Jeannette SELTZ, France .
Int. CH. Micklee Livanda Simon Jo (dog, veteran class) - The Reserve Best Veteran in Show.
The Judge for The Best Veteran in Show was Mr. Eugeniy PUDEEV, Russia.
Int. CH. Delwins Total Eclipse (ECO) (dog, champion class) - The Best of Breed and the Best in Group.The Judge for The Best in Group IX was Dr. Apiwut KASSEMSANTA, Thailand.

(see the picture). ECO also was THE BEST IN SHOW! The Judges for The Best in Show were Mrs. Svetlana SHEVCHENKO - President of Ukrainian Kennel Union,Dr. Passiri NISALAK - President of Thailand Kennel Club, Mr. Anjey MANIA -President of Poland Kennel Union
We also congratulate our colleagues from Ukraine, who participated in the dog show with the Pekingeses from our kennel:
Sunrise Dragon Take-Off (dog, junior class) - the Best Junior
Owner Mrs. Janna KITAEVA, hernigov
Sunrise Dragon Ultra Violet (bitch, intermedia class) - CACIB, Best Bitch
Owner Mrs. Elena CHUEVA, Odessa
Sunrise Dragon Iridium (dog, open class) - CACIB

Dear friends!

Yesterday we came back from Bratislava from International Dog Show Eurodogshow - 2003. 
10.245 dogs participated in this show, 70 Pekingese dogs including. 

We congratulate warmly Mrs. Janna KITAEVA from Ukraine and her dogs:
Sunrise Dragon Take-Off - the best dog-puppy (catalog number is 9736)
Sunrise Dragon Ultra-Violet - the best bitch in junior class, CAC, Eurodogshow - 2003 Junior Winner (catalog number is 9782)
Beautiful Angel for Sunrise Dragon - the best bitch in intermediate class, CAC, R. CACIB (catalog number is 9788)

We congratulate warmly Mr. Istvan MATE from Hungary and his dog:
Sunrise Dragon Rain Forest - the best dog in junior class, CAC, Eurodogshow - 2003 Junior Winner (catalog number is 9747)

We congratulate warmly Mr. Marijan Alfonso SECAR from Croatia and his dog:
Sunrise Dragon North Star - third dog in junior class (catalog number is 9746)

We also congratulate warmly Mrs. Irina FEDOROVA and Mr. Alexander BURLAKA from 
Moscow and their dog, because he is a son of our Yakee Malcom (Mishutka who now lives in 
Hungary at home of Mr. Istvan MATE) Zakhar ot Severnoy Mechty - best dog in intermediate class (catalog number is 9757)

We also are very happy for our other dogs: 
Sunrise Dragon Hillary - best bitch-puppy (catalog number is 9779)
Yingu Fine NDandy - best dog in open class (catalog number is 9765)
Delwins Total Eclipce - best dog in champion class, CACIB, Eurodogshow - 2003 Winner, 
Best of Breed, Best Dog in Group IX
(catalog number is 9777)

Mrs. Elena KURBANOVA with a Judge Mr. Petru MUNTEAN (Romania) and
the Best of Breed Delwins Total Eclipce (Eco)

Mrs. Elena KURBANOVA with a Judge Mr. Stefan SINKO (Slovenia) and 
Group IX Winner Delwins Total Eclipce (Eco)

After vacations we have been at our first CACIB show on September 13 - 14 - Rossia - 2003 - 
The Moscow Mayor Cup. 
Our puppy bitch was the best puppy in Show and our champion dog won Group XI and came to the 
Our former "puppies" are winners of junior class (this dog also was 3-rd in Junior BIS), intermediate 
and open class
The Judge of the breed was Mrs. Barbara MULLER (Switzerland)
The Puppy Best was judged by Mrs. Ritva RAITA (Finland)
Group XI was judged by Mr. Rafael DE SANTIAGO (Puerto-Rico) - the one who judged Group XI at 
the World Dog Show in Dortmund this year and 
BIS was judged by Mr. Mario PERRICONE (Italy).
It was a big success and all the judges liked our dogs very much. BIS at this show got a splendid 
Pom from Ukraine. His owner is a President of Ukranian Kennel Club Mrs. Svetlana SHEVCHENKO and she will judge Poms in Bratislava. And Mrs. Elena KURBANOVA made all the grooming of this Pom for the show.

The Best Puppy in Show at the International Dog Show  Russia - 2003
Sunrise Dragon Hillary
(a bitch) with Mrs. Elena Kurbanova and a Judge.

Our dog is competing with other breeds at the Group XI.
At this photo you can see well how good are his movements.

Judge Mr. Rafael De SANTIAGO

The last photo of the Russia - 2003 Show winners:
Mrs. Svetlana SHEVCHENKO with Pom - BIS winner
Mrs. Elena KURBANOVA with our Interchempion and
Mrs. Elena ARTEMENKO with rewards.

May 30, World Dog Show - 2003 in Dortmund.

1. Int. CH. Micklee Livanda Ragant's Gold (Edward) was awarded with the Best of Breed
A puppy Sunrise Dragon North Star is the Best Pekingese Puppy.

Our latest the most important victory is the CACIB International Dog Show of all breeds - 
"Eurasia - 2003" in February in Moscow: 

Judge Mr. Horst KLIEBENSTEIN (Germany) and Mrs. Elena KURBANOVA with
Sunrise Dragon Jasmine
as the Best Junior in Show

Judge Mr. Luis P. TEIXEIRA (Portugal) and Mrs. Elena KURBANOVA with Int. CH. Yingu Fine N'Dandy (Marcus) as Best-in-Group IX.

Judge Mrs. Hassi ASENMAEHHER (Germany), President of FCI Mr. Hans MULLER (Switzerland), President of Kennel Club of Russia Mr. Alexander INSHAKOV, Mrs. Elena ARTEMENKO ans Mrs. Elena KURBANOVA with Int. CH. Yingu Fine N'Dandy (Marcus) as Best-in-Show.

Now you can see some other dog show pictures:

Mrs. Elena KURBANOVA with Int. CH. Micklee Livanda Ragant's Gold - BOB and R. BIG in the CACIB Dog Show in Dortmund, Germany
(October, 2001)

Mrs. Elena ARTEMENKO and Mrs. Elena KURBANOVA with Int. CH. Micklee Livanda Simon Jo
BOB and BIG in the CACIB Dog Show in Nijniy Novgorod, Russia
(October, 2002)

Judge Mrs. Monique van BREMT and Mrs. Elena KURBANOVA with Int. CH. StSanja Ooops A Daisy
as the World Winner Junior and the Best Bich in Porto, Portugal
(July, 2001)

Judge Mr. Bob BRAMPTON (UK), President of CKOR Mr. Vladimir URAJEVSKIY, Minister of
Agriculture of Moscow, Mrs. Elena ARTEMENKO and Mrs. Elena KURBANOVA with Int. CH. Delwin
Total Eclipse
as the R. BIS in the CACIB Dog Show in Moscow
(December, 2002)

9. Mrs. Elena KURBANOVA with Int. CH. StSanja Steptabulous as BOB in the CACIB Show in Russia
(October, 2002)


Designed by Dioskury